This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Plantola, or if you need support, please email help@plantola.com.

Plantola is a simple way to keep track of the plants you love through pictures. Snap a photo of a plant with your mobile phone. Record some basic information about that plant, like it’s name (if you know it), whether it is an Annual or Perennial (or something else), and where is was purchased. Post that picture to Plantola, and share that plant with the world.
$0.00 - available for free in the Apple App Store (Currently only available to gardeners in Ontario).
Plantola is all about plants, so we wanted to put “Plant” in the name. That is where we started. As for the “ola”? To be honest we were just trying to come up with something unique, and easy to remember. Eventually we came up with Plantola.

Matt is an avid gardener. The more familiar he got with plants, the harder it became to find what he was looking for. The horticulture industry in North America as a whole has been slow to adopt online marketing and ecommerce, meaning finding plant material is not as easy as doing a Google search. More often than not finding a specific plant means driving to several different garden centers, with no guarantee of success. We created Plantola to bring more transparency to the horticulture industry, and solve 3 basic problems.

1. Plants are hard to take with you. Plantola makes it easy to catalog and share your garden with friends through photos. Your garden is as close as your iPhone.

2. Plants are hard to identify, which makes them hard to find. Plantola let’s you connect with other gardeners and plant enthusiasts. Chances are someone knows what you are looking at and where it can be purchased.

3. Plants are very geo-specific. All plants, especially those grown outdoors, require specific growing conditions to survive and thrive. We have built several geo-location features into Plantola, and they will continue to be enhanced as the App develops.

Currently, you can share your photos on a photo-by-photo basis on Twitter and Facebook.
The best way to get in touch with us is to send an email to help@plantola.com.
We have adopted a follower model that means if you're "public" on Plantola, anyone can subscribe to follow your photos.
All photos are public by default which means they are visible to anyone using Plantola.
We save all the photos you process with Plantola to your camera roll. You can then sync with your computer and print as many as you'd like.
We are currently working on making the iPhone experiences as solid as possible. Only then will we consider other platforms, but currently we have nothing to announce.