About Us

Plantola is a new iPhone app that helps gardeners Catalog, Share and Source plant material from local retailers.

Plants are hard to identify, which makes them hard to find, which means frustrated gardeners, and lost sales for garden centers and other retailers. Plantola solves this problem by letting you see plants being grown by other gardeners, and details like where they purchased them. See something you like? Plantola makes it easy to share that interest with friends and local retailers. Take pictures of plants and post them to Plantola. Share those pictures by email, or post them to Twitter or Facebook.

Keep track of the plants in your garden. Identify plants you have discovered while walking around your community. Plantola is a forum that connects gardeners and plant enthusiasts through the plants they love. More plants, growing in more places, planted and cared for by more people - that is the Plantola mission. Download the app today!

**Note - Plantola is currently available to gardeners living in Canada. Don’t live in Ontario? Please Contact Us and let us know where you live. We will let you know as soon as the Plantola is available in your area.

The Team

Plantola is the creation of Matt Park and Adrian Garbutt. They live near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.